Vegan Milker MÜLSI

En Vegan Milker® they already had the Classic model. The client needed a redesign of the product to promote it in new market niches. After considering various restyling options for the model, it was decided to improve the filter bowl.

The innovation consisted of incorporating an unscrewable base to be able to mount different filters with different micron ratings, to obtain different results and textures when emulsifying coffee beans, seeds, and practically any food in vegetable drinks, soups, creams... adding multiple new possibilities regarding to the previous model.

In addition, the utensil is much easier to clean and excess residue is removed more quickly and easily. The handle was also added for a more comfortable handling of the utensil, increasing its versatility by allowing it to be used in any pot or saucepan.

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This product has been awarded twice by the International Jury of the Ambiente Fair 2023 in Frankfurt with the prestigious Intelligent Kitchen Appliance  for SOLUTIONS 2023 and in the category of Sustainable Innovation in Ethical Style 2023.

MÜLSI was distinguished among more than 7,000 home, kitchen and lifestyle novelties presented, many of them from large multinationals.